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Services, Consultancy & Expert Provision

Amtec have been specialist consultants in Corrosion, Coatings, and metallurgical failure investigations worldwide since 1984. Amtec have extensive knowledge of a wide range of investigative & test technologies. Corrosion Failures and Coating Breakdown are subjects of special interest.

Claims,Arbitration & Expert Witness Provision.

Amtec have been involved for many years in claims & arbitration under English Law as expert witnesses. We are familiar with the specific requirements of the arbitrators courts & the legal system. We deal routinely with the whole spectrum between disputes involving multinational companies right down to the small claims court system. Our reports are clearly laid out & unambiguous. They are prepared in strict accordance with the duty of expert witnesses to the court.We can work easily with other experts in the fields of paints, corrosion & coatings on both sides of the claim or dispute. Often the technical issues can be agreed before the case goes to the arbitrator.

Services And Products Summary

· Independent, impartial and experienced corrosion engineering consultancy.
· In service coating performance measurement and paint failure analysis.
· Unique coating and cathodic protection design capability.
· Coatings, Corrosion & Metallurgical Failure investigation and legal claims service.
· Coatings feasibility and the generation of coatings specifications.
· Laboratory corrosion testing of metals and painted articles - including cathodic delamination & cathodic disbonding testing.
· Corrosion & coatings education courses - these can include training modules for those supervising vessel construction under the new IMO PSPC regulations.

Areas of Operation

· Marine, Naval & Offshore - ships, submarines, ferries, docks, harbours, piling, berths, jetties, including marine engine corrosion together with premature pipe work failure.
· Corrosion & metallurgical investigations involving copper alloys, stainless steels & aluminium alloys .
· Automotive - cars,lorries, trucks & vans - including coating refinishing disputes & vehicle to vehicle contact disputes. Corrosion problems associated with engine water cooling systems ( radiators, inter coolers & turbochargers), sub frames or chassis members & fuel tanks can be investigated.
· Industrial & manufacturing - pharmaceuticals, paper manufacture,steel manufacture (including corrosion in furnace cooling systems).
· Water treatment Inhibitors & Conditioning chemical testing.
· Canning, Brewing & Food processing including heat exchangers & turbochargers.

Corrosion, Coatings & Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Amtec specialise in both laboratory and on site failure analysis in the following industries:-
· Chemical Engineering - corrosion & paint failures associated with storage tanks & pipe work (including valve corrosion), steam generation plant
· Water Treatment & water purification & filtration plant (filtration tanks) paint failures & corrosion problems including coating delamination & inter coat adhesion failures in confined spaces.
· Aerospace & Automotive - corrosion associated with fuel tanks
· Marine & Offshore including service life issues to do with corrosion, coatings & cathodic protection around new & existing FPSO's
· Coatings & corrosion issues pertaining to buildings & other structures including Listed Buildings (including the use & disposal of red lead & other lead contaminated paint) & failures of windows, roofs, handrails, window frames, cladding, balconies, staircases etc.
· Structural Steelwork -corrosion failures of galvanizing, pipe work ( including rainware such as gutters, guttering & drain pipes), metal work, roofing & roofing fixtures & fittings, decorative stainless steel & industrial buildings (including sectional building corrosion & modular building corrosion).

Coating Breakdown Analysis

Amtec have a unique in depth understanding of the mechanisms controlling coating breakdown. This knowledge enables considerable insights to be brought to bear on the causes of premature failure in service. We have experience in a wide range of investigative techniques that can be used both on site and in the laboratory. Where the coating has been applied as part of an automated industrial process, we can locate any causes of contamination or poor surface preparation.


· Electrochemical Testing, passivation testing & polarisation curves (especially in the investigation of pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion & general rust staining of stainless steels).
· Surface quality, alloy quality & contamination issues around structures & components undergoing corrosion failure.
· On site failure investigations throughout the shipbuilding, ship repair & construction industries.