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Amtec Paint & Coatings Experts

Amtec Consultants Ltd provide the following expert services relating to Paint & Coatings Issues:-

Claim Investigations.
· A rapid global response,from experienced corrosion engineers and coatings experts using specialised analysis techniques.
· A long and effective track record in legal & product claim work relating to premature service failures stemming from paint & coating application problems or poor surface preparation.
· Coordination of investigation & forensic teams on both sides of a legal or product claim to enable an effective settlement prior to or during arbitration.
· Failures & problems associated with corrosion breakdown, blistering, salt contamination,coating delamination, poor surface preparation or surface profile resulting from poor power tooling or bad abrasive blasting are a speciality area .
· Legal Expert witness services where required in claims, arbitration or litigation.

Corrosion, Coating & Paint Application Courses for coating formulators, site teams, superintendents and inspectors
· We have considerable experience in providing tailor made corrosion courses at all levels to suit individual groups.
· The provision of corrosion theory, practice and testing courses to aid in the understanding of customer requirements is a speciality. Typically anti corrosives such as epoxies,modified epoxies, coal tar epoxies, polyurethanes, chlorinated rubbers & vinyl tars would be covered together with finish coats, tie coats & anti-foulings.
· Courses can include practical demonstrations and hands on on site involvement where required.

Technical Information & Queries
· Provision of answers to corrosion and coatings related questions at short notice by our technical experts by telephone is not charged for short enquiries.
· We offer a more extended telephone support facility where required which can include the examination of e-mailed photographs.
· We can participate in technical presentations on behalf of our customers, adding expertise to technical teams where a full time in-house member is not available.
· We offer a more extended telephone support facility where required which can include the examination of e-mailed photographs. These enquiries are usually dealt with without charge unless the workload involved exceeds 30 minutes. Topics commonly encountered are inter coat failures (failures between coating layers ), delamination from steel or aluminium, peeling paint, coating disbonding, cracking or tearing of coatings or paint, blistering, blister rashes (associated with cathodic delamination or cathodic disbonding), osmotic blistering or blistering resulting from excessive anodes in ballast tanks. Coatings application problems which lead to poor adhesion or corrosion failures can be a result of incorrect mixing, failure to cure, or incorrect choice of winter or summer grade epoxies.

Product Evaluation & Testing
· We can provide independent testing of coatings, varnishes, & paint using both conventional test methods and tests which are unique to Amtec
· Comparisons can be made between laboratory based results and service data to ensure confidence in new coatings with little track record.
· Technical differentiation of anti-corrosive barrier properties between coating formulations can be demonstrated, enabling a more informed choice of coating for a particular situation.

Coating specification Review.
·Correct coatings specifications and surface preparation standards that are clearly understood by both parties to a contract are essential. Our expert corrosion consultants & paint specialists have extensive experience that can lead to the avoidance of future claims & litigation. Many claims on coating failures could have been avoided with access to more expert specification expertise. This is particularly relevant where the substrate will be either hot dip galvanised or cold galvanized using such products as Galvafoid or zinc rich primers. Where red lead or lead containing paints have been used on historical structures or buildings then specialised advice is essential.

Service Life Prediction
· Amtec can work with both laboratory and service data to estimate the service life of products.
· In-situ non-destructive test methods are used to collect data from vessels and structures in service.

Cost Benefit Analysis and Product Comparison

· In addition to product differentiation, Amtec can provide a cost based case showing the financial case for any combination of coating type and anode density.
· The Structured Lifetime Protection Strategy (SLPS) allows ship owners to maximise the cost effective useful vessel lifetime.

Surface contamination and surface cleanliness testing

· Amtec can provide personnel to carry out independent testing for surface cleanliness &surface profile at any stage in production or application. This is now very much more important now that the IMO has introduced the PSPC (Performance Standards for Protective Coatings) as a requirement for new building shipyards. Amtec can carry out audits of construction facilities to ensure compliance with these new regulations & suggest remedial action if the facilities have problems in this area.

Powder Coatings
· Powder coated components can fail in service either as a result of poor mixing,application or surface pretreatment. Amtec have extensive experience of filliform corrosion failures & disbonding problems associated with the use of powder coatings in severe environments.