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Dr J. P. Lomas

Initially a biochemist, Jane’s work with microbes led to an interest in microbial corrosion and she studied for an MSc in Corrosion Engineering at the Corrosion and Protection Centre UMIST, which led to a PhD in Corrosion in 1981, where she applied novel electrochemical test methods to automotive and industrial paint coatings.

A period of work for the industrial arm of the Corrosion Centre (now Intertek) was followed by industrial research for the Department of Trade and Industry into the effects of impact and damage to paint.

In 1985 Jane Lomas co-founded Amtec with Les Callow. Since 1987 Jane has worked continuously on industrial projects and legal cases, with a particular focus on coating specifications, guarantees, paint breakdown mechanisms and microbial induced corrosion. She has worked with many solicitors and lawyers on failure investigations. In addition, a number of collaborative research, testing and product development projects have been carried out for industrial companies.

A Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion, Jane is the current Honorary Secretary, Trustee and Council member of the Institute and is responsible for teaching the “fundamentals of Corrosion for Engineers” course as well as ICorr Paint Inspection to level 3.