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Dr J. P. Lomas

An experienced corrosion & coatings engineer with a multi-disciplinary background, Jane Lomas works on a global basis with failure investigations and product liability claims in the marine, automotive, industrial, aerospace and water treatment industries as both a problem solver and in product liability claims. She also manages multi-company projects for both R&D purposes and claims cases and carries out cost benefit analysis for product comparisons.

Initially a biochemist, her work with microbes led to an interest in corrosion and later to a PhD in Corrosion Engineering in 1981, where she applied novel electrochemical test methods to automotive and industrial coatings. Several years work on concrete corrosion, marine coatings, water treatment inhibitors, battery corrosion and corrosion test method development followed, in conjunction with a wide range of corrosion and coating breakdown cases.

In 1985, Jane co-founded Amtec Corrosion Engineers and has worked since that time on claims investigations whilst developing the cost benefit analysis services offered by Amtec.

Specialist areas

- Non-destructive coating assessment
- Cargo Oil Tank corrosion
- Microbial corrosion
- Coating lifetime prediction
- Coating related failures & claims
- Water treatment inhibitors
- Multi-party project management
- Cost benefit analysis
- Concrete corrosion