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Amtec Corrosion & Coatings Consultants

Amtec was founded in 1984 by two corrosion engineers working at the University of Manchester, Corrosion and Protection Centre. As the business rapidly expanded, Dr Les Callow and Dr Jane Lomas developed the company into a full time consultancy in 1987.

From 1994, Amtec supervised a number of research projects on behalf of industrial companies across a wide range of academic institutions, where we specialized into bringing a “real world technological focus” into MSc and PhD projects.

Since that time, Amtec have worked continuously on projects, failure investigations and many legal cases, up to the present date.

Dr Les Callow is specializes in metallurgy and corrosion investigations, involving all of the common metals (including steel, stainless steel, copper and zinc / galvanizing) over a range of industries, including: building and facilities maintenance, HVAC, construction, civil engineering, pharmaceutical, rail and others. He also provides expert witness reports, arbitration and court appearances across all of the above industries in the areas of metallurgy, corrosion and coating failure.

Dr Jane Lomas works in the areas of corrosion and coatings, specializing in coating specification; guarantees and paint breakdown & failure problems, together with microbial corrosion. She has worked in collaboration with many of the world’s major coatings companies. For the past ten years, Jane has been a Trustee and Council member of the Institute of Corrosion, for whom she runs courses in “Fundamentals of Corrosion for Engineers” and teaches ICorr Paint Inspection courses up to level 3.

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